What happened - EVERYTHING IS GONE!

The screenshot shows on the left - a thumbnail preview of the page. So look at 2019 and you’ll see pictures there, but in the workspace, EVERYTHING IS GONE!

All my pictures are gone.

All my work is gone.

I have not touched the pictures in a month. I’ve been adding videos to a Bloc above the pictures.

It’s the same thing for 2018. You’ll see the thumbnail preview, but when I click on the page, EVERYTHING IS GONE!

What the fuck?

I have not edited anything but adding YouTube embeded videos.

Are you on Catalina beta by chance?

Hi Gianni,

Nope, no beta.

Version 3.3.0

I just don’t know what’s going on.

With my FTP app, I Mirrored the Server with my Mac and now everything’s back to normal. So when I update the Server, something is taking all of my images AWAY from my Mac and putting them in the Server, leaving the folders on my Mac empty. Then when I open up Bocs, Assets are missing and I can’t reconnect them because the Assets are no longer on my Mac.

I talked to the FTP App Mfg - Yummy - and they said it has nothing to do with their app.

I’m sorry to bring the drama, but this happening often and I don’t know how to stop it.

Not a Yummy users, but a google says something about drag and drop moving files in Yummy, could that be the issue?

Thanks for the help, but I don’t drag and drop. :slight_smile:

Where is this folder stored on your Mac? Is it a synced iCloud folder?

I’ve used Yummy for a long time and I’m surprised you even got a reply from them. The developer died last year and I gather it has effectively been abandoned since then. Most of the time I now use Forklift, though it still lacks some features I like in Yummy.

There are sync settings in Yummy that would delete contents from the computer, however this would not affect images stored in a local resources folder near your project file, as long as you exported the project to another location.

It really depends on where the images are stored and what settings you chose.

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Blocs 3.4 will introduce embedded assets. This will mean you will have the option to store all assets inside the Blocs file so that scenarios like this are not even a possibility.

But for reference, if you open a project and images are missing it basically means the location blocs is looking for, for the image, no longer exists in that location.

As for the navigator page previews they are just images, that are regenerated every time you make a change, they are not a miniature real-time render of the page.


Who’s running it now?

I have no idea, but I assume it is his family. The apps are still on sale, however there have been no updates and not a single answer on the forums to any questions, other than other users. If you look at their twitter feed there hasn’t been a post in over a year and some have said that questions to support went completely unanswered.

In many ways it is still as good or better than alternatives like Transmit, but it badly needs some ongoing maintenance to at least ensure it works well with new OS versions. It is too good to be abandoned like this.


I do appreciate the help and thank you Norm for adding embedded assets later.

I was going to ask if there’s a better FTP app and I’ll look into Forklift. I talked with the Yummy developer about a year and a half ago.

I have a question about exported the project to another location. What exactly does that mean? In the screenshot you’ll see my main folder William Masters and in that folder is my blocs file and my exported file WMasters. I also have my assets in their respective folder IN the same main folder William Masters.

Is this ok?

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The way you have it should be OK in theory, but it’s possible something in your Yummy settings could have deleted images if you navigated to the wrong directory. It has a lot of options, however things can go wrong if you sync without really paying attention, especially if there was a subfolder option enabled. The same would apply to other FTP apps.

Most of the time I have 3-4 Blocs projects in active development at any one time, plus others having occasional updates, so I work on the assumption that I will be tired and distracted at some point. It is therefore essential to have a clearly defined workflow and part of that includes the FTP process. I export all projects to a general folder called Blocs Exported far away from the project work files.

When developing sites the bookmark for my test domain automatically opens the main Blocs Exported folder, then I just locate the project in question and drag it to the server, so each site is contained within an individual folder. When everything is completed and going live I set up a new bookmark directly from the exported project to the final domain.

I wouldn’t say Forklift is necessarily better. It’s better at some things and worse at others. On the plus side it has much simpler upload preferences, but I’ve found you have to set up saved views, otherwise it becomes visually confusing and too easy to make a mistake. It allows multiple tabs, so it is possible to have say five domains open at the same time and that is really asking for trouble.

The biggest point I miss in Forklift is not having coloured labels for folders on the server, so now I add folders with an underscore at the front if I want to minimise the risk of deleting them in error, by forcing them to the top when viewed by name. When working on larger sites with remotely hosted images you really have to be careful, especially if you are tired.

As an added backup you should always have server backups via your web host, which is generally automated every few hours, plus of course local backups with Time Machine and some offsite option like BackBlaze. I have also taken to downloading the entire contents of the an uploaded website to a local destination before making major changes. That way I can easily go back to where I was previously if something major goes wrong.

Most people working on a single site will rarely have to be this careful, but it doesn’t hurt to be organised. Where possible I prefer to use remotely hosted images stored on the server, however that is not always viable initially on client sites.

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I would recommend Forklift as well. I’ve switched from Transmit to Forklift about 8 years ago and I have never looked back. It is a solid FTP client with many great features. It works without any problems in Catalina as well.


With the Forklift Mini toolbar menu you can even synchronize your whole Blocs website with just a click. Just look at the uploaded video presenting this feature.


Sync panel (part of):

I was a bit chicken of using the sync features in Forklift at first but it seems to work pretty well. The option to delete orphaned items could cause headaches if you have remotely hosted assets I imagine.


Thank you to everyone who has helped.

I’ll take a look at Forklift.

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It’s worth mentioning that a lot of people prefer Transmit, however Forklift is more than just an FTP app and could almost be viewed as a finder replacement. It’s also easier on your pocket and I managed to pick it up on a special deal for just $3.

The new version is nicer, however the old one is available on the app store for free if you want to give that a try https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/forklift-file-manager-and-ftp-sftp-webdav-amazon-s3-client/id412448059?mt=12


I’m adding to this just to provide information and hopefully someone can figure something out.

I tried Forklift and it spread my files all over the place. The images were not kept in the img folder and - fuck! It just got messy and I’m not a pro enough to figure it out so I’m not using Forklift.

I went back to Yummy for the time being.

I opened Yummy, Mirrored the Server with my Mac and it put all the Assets (images) back onto my Mac.

I closed Yummy, opened Blocs and I didn’t have any missing assets.

I opened Yummy again and looked at the folders on my Mac and the images were still in the img folder.

I closed Yummy, updated my website in Blocs, EXPORTED it, Replaced it all and BOOM all my images in the image folder were gone again.

So this isn’t an FTP issue.

Something is happening when I export my files for transfer.

Was this the old version of Forklift or the new one? It shouldn’t change anything, but just to get a sense of what is happening here.

The files you export from Blocs will always be the same and an FTP client simply delivers them to server. They are not known for being terribly creative and they are not supposed to be. Their simple objective is to open the connection and dump the files in the selected directory.

If you are having sync issues I would suggest you try a clean upload with nothing currently on the server, which may well sort things out. Synching works well both on Yummy and Forklift, however either is capable of messing up your day if you choose the wrong option in the wrong place etc. We are all at risk when it comes to human error, which is why I treat myself like a five year old and always assume I’ll mess up unless I keep it really easy.

It’s very hard to know precisely what is going on here, but my guess is that your problems are related to having your project file resource images too close to your exported project within the same general project folder.

Having everything that close is asking for trouble. In my case I have a general folder for exports well away from all the project files and individual site exports are contained in that exports folder.

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