What hosting sites work with Blocs?

We migrated our Blocs site to our hosting site and everything got screwed up. I called the hosting site and they said there was nothing they could do as they have never worked with Blocs before. Suggestions would be appreciated as we were already to go live with our new site and need to ASAP! Thanks!

When you say screwed up, what kind of thing are you seeing?

It should just me a matter of uploading the exported site to the appropriate directory of your host.

Thank you for writing. We did upload as you mentioned. The screwed up part was carousel didn’t work and pictures were in a row with words placed in different areas, and random coding mixed throughout. We went with a fairly cheap hosting site and figure that it is just not high quality enough to support blocs?! Any ideas on hosting sites that are reasonable and will be user friendly for uploading and exporting our site? Many thanks!

Blocs has nothing to do with it; it outputs plain ol’ html, css, php, and JavaScript. If it looks wrong try clearing your browser cache… and make sure your host supports PHP.

I simply can’t imagine ANY host not properly supporting this, but based on their response to you, it may be time to look for a new hosting service. I have been using DreamHost for a decade with no issues.


Have you tested the exported files locally to see if they work there? It is possible something went screwy at the point of expert, though I have personally never suffered that. If they work there, maybe clear down the receiving directory and re-upload afresh.

Even the most basic web hosting service is fine for blocs.
what is the URL?