What is a DIV bric?


I am asking for your help to better understand what is divider (DIV) bric. I have looked for its purpose and meaning on the internet, asked some friends but nevertheless it is still not clear to me.

Can anyone please help me to understand what is, its purpose and application?

I would be really grateful.

Thank you so much,

Dan, it’s a kind of wrapper so that other content can be inside of it.

Check out HTML DIV elements. You need to have some understanding of HTML to properly appreciate them.

A div wrapper can also be a convenient way to reference some nested content via the div id.


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Admittedly, this is an old thread but I’m a new user so…yeah, this should just fit! :joy:

While playing around I had the same issue like that guy over there:

"When the page scrolls down to the target by clicking one of the links, the menu now overlaps the top of the block and so cuts the title in that block."

I found that a neat way to fix this is actually a div bric right above. Make a bloc with no padding and insert a div bric. The nice thing in a div bric is you can freely adjust its height. So I gave it just the same height as my menu bar thus compensating perfectly the overlap.

Let me know if there is a better way but for my purposes it’s almost ideal.

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