What is this blue element?

Has any body encountered this issue? I do not know what this blue color represents.

Screen shot 1 shows two blocs one with a red background (for visual clarity) the other a white background.

Initially I had both of these as 3 columns in two different rows in one bloc. So the red bloc looked like the white. I decided to make them separate blocs in a 3 card row for consistency with two other pages.

I created a new bloc and dragged the elements from the white block into the cards of the red bloc. This worked fine. So I deleted the now blank row and (still looking at SS1 this blue box was now visible. I clicked on all the tree elements and nothing is indicating what this is. I shut down Blocs and restarted but it was still visible. No custom classes are applied to the other elements regarding color.

I created a new bloc by duplicating the red card bloc and SS 2 is the result. Blue box is now propagated upward into the new bloc. I highlighted the lower column brown column for clarity.

Using the tree i click on all the elements and no custom classes are applied nor does the tree highlight this blue element.

So i created a new bloc and screen shot 3 is the result.

I created another bloc using the lower + icon and was able to successfully to create the desired bloc. So i deleted the bloc with the remaining row, saved and restarted Blocs and decided to try to add a new bloc with three columns and SS 4 shows the blue element.

I don’t know if this is a bug or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.


I had something similar to that on a page. A bloc was visible on the page, but not in the tree. I couldn’t delete it from the page. I ended up having to remake the whole page from scratch.