What is wrong with this app

when I save the project already build 4-5 pages and open it few hours later and those pages are not there

it is happening since many days now and just realise and tested when I click save it doesnt alway save the project even when it show the project is saved

@Norm please help fix this situation as I spent around 7-8 hours working just to loose th progress made working whole day

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I’m so sorry you are facing this issue. I’ve seen this happen quite a few times myself in previous versions of Blocs.
I’m sure @Norm will be able to assist you out whenever he is online. Put down the App version #, macOS version, and the general location of the project as well.

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Submitting a bug is the best option, the forum is great for community based solutions, but all bugs should be reported directly.

Give as much info as you can, it helps Norm track the issue and create a fix.


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Ouch not good ! I have not experienced this yet with Blocs…i do regular back ups in the cloud and external hard drive too as I work and close each day.

Good luck with that - I am working on a large website at the moment…if that went, i don’t know what I would do !

Keep us in the loop what happens. - again, good luck.


I am running blocs V3.5.2, macOS Catalina version 10.15.6, I save the project in to documents/clients/australia/sydney/

it is scary if it happens often I didn’t realise until yesterday

as I work on a page and then the next time I open the app I am working on a different page or site

and yesterday I was working full day on a blocsapp website I saved around 10 times the project in this period of time

but when I reopen 5 pages were missing and all progress made yesterday this is painful and frustrating to work on a project for hours just to loose the progress at the end.

what you did when it happened to you, can you recommend the steps you took to avoid this

Thank you @TMRJIJ for taking the time

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Hi @AdieJAM

problem is with blocsapp not saving the progress I do have git installed so I do keep versions and backups automatically

but the problem is with the app it show false positive, showing the project being saved and then once you close the app all the progress made is gone. so you have to rework the same thing again in my case that was 8 hour work yesterday :frowning:

I’ve had this problem intermittently with previous versions, but not with the last couple of updates.
As Blocs is such a quick programme to quit and re-open (compared to those lumbering Adobe giants), not ideal, but I’m now in the habit of saving often, and quitting Blocs every 30 minutes or so, just to make sure everything is saving correctly.
A bit of a PITA, but it works for me.
Backups are fine, but they will only backup what’s being saved, so therefore useless if the original source isn’t correct.

Hi @TrevReav

This is one way of doing things just to save and quit but that means app is not reliable and you cannot just focus on work.

and if & when you forget to do this you might loose all progress. it is annoying, why don’t the developer just fix it? I found similar posts people talking about this issue so it is not something new.

they claim in the versions that they

3.4.6 Fixed a range of issues that prevented the save function to recognise when a project has unsaved changes.

3.4.3 Added additional checks to save functionality to increase stability and make more robust.

3.4.1 Fixed issue that prevented the save prompt from showing when changing some project settings and closing app.

3.3.0 Added more error handling to catch potential save issues and prevent locked app when saving project fails.

3.0.6 * Fixed issue that prevented save alert showing after renaming an asset group and then closing window.

  • Fixed issue that prevented save alert showing after adding assets to a group and then closing window.

  • Fixed issue that prevented save alert showing after creating a group and then closing window.

  • Fixed issue that prevented save alert showing after removing an asset from a group and then closing window.

3.0.1 Fixed issue that prevented the save alert showing when removing or adding assets and then closing a project.

in general they have around 20 updates for save feature how big of a mess is this that they cannot even make the save function work properly? even after all these fixes.

is this @Norm the only guy developing the app?

Hi @Hotel, yes I believe Norm is the only developer, but I may be wrong.

I realise it’s frustrating, but I’m just relaying what works for me, and as I say, I haven’t had the non-saving issue for a good while now, so basically it’s now second nature to me and I CAN concentrate on my work.

Best of luck.


Thanks @TrevReav

it is scary that all depend on 1 person his abilities and availability

I am angry as I have lost whole day of work, and even more as they have so many updates claiming to have fixed this issue (empty claims) to rush to version 4 I suppose.

I don’t think spamming the forum or commenting on 2 year old posts (which may relate to Blocs version 2) is going to help your situation at all.

Many of us who use Blocs a lot have not encountered this issue at all, but I do realise there has been a few who have. It’s not all doom and gloom as you suggest.

Norm has recently commented

Did you submit a bug report with information that can help Norm track this down?. To fix it requires finding the cause. Maybe there is a common element to the ones who have had this issue?

I am in no way suggestion your frustration of lost work is invalid, but all of us at some stage face these frustrations, regardless if its Blocs, or Office 365, or Affinity etc… (I’ve had Affinity Designer crash on me a few times recently and Ive lost time critical work.)

On a side note, this is a community driven forum, and as such we all volunteer our time to help fellow users. I can only speak for myself, but I am less likely to give my time to people who swear, rant and bump old posts unnecessarily.


I have submit the bug

I do not understand why my posts offend you

what it is that you are afraid of I understand it is community form and people do express their issues and frustrations as I previously mention 20 bug fixes related to save functionality and many posts related this issue

I comment on the posts I found relevant to know what those people did after they face this issue

where did you find swear and rant and why you think I bump old posts unnecessarily

I did not find unnecessary to ask others who had similar issue in old posts to know what they did to fix it. try not to be a dictator here trying to decide what is necessary and what is not

seems like you guys team up to silence me good attitude to feedback

Mate, take a deep breath, go for a walk, clear your mind and then read the above post again. @Malachiman, among some others, is one of the most helpful guys on the forum. I’m sure he didn’t feel offended and he is at no point teaming up with anyone against you

But as he points out, and I feel the same, it’s enough to express your anger on the thread that you created and of course file a bug report. Despite that fact that @Norm is the only developer working on Blocs, he’s top notch at improving the app with every update. Squishing bugs included.

Whilst I understand your frustration, reviving older threads from users, that had a similar issue with a much older version of Blocs doesn’t help at all.


My workaround of handling the issue was not very scientific but I noticed that my projects are all saved in iCloud Drive so I knew that if the sync indicator in Finder wasn’t showing up, Blocs was not saving. I would then close Blocs completely and reopen to fix it.

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No mate, not offended at all.

I love this though…


if old post popup on your wall not my fault I simply ask those users what they did to fix this issue.

and since I have the issue with save project I commented on those posts which show up in the search. what is your issue I do not go around tell people where to comment or not. seriously what is the issue here guys ?

I will not say I don’t care if someone is offended. I am trying here to understand what is the issuee. can I or I can’t post comments on the old posts that I find relevant? is it not allowed to ask the user who have similar issues to know if and how they fixed the issue or if they simply left the app?


I am not using iCloud I save the projects on iMac folder

Thats helpful. iCloud was causing issues last year I think it was.

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can I or I can’t post comments on the old posts that I find relevant? is it not allowed to ask the user who have similar issues to know if and how they fixed the issue or if they simply left the app?

Of course you can. We just said, that it’s enough to vent your frustration in one thread. Doing the same in several (older) threads where people hat issues with a much older version of Blocs, which might already be sorted, won’t help. That’s all @Malachiman and I were trying to say. No need to react upset.

what is your issue I do not go around tell people where to comment or not.

Neither do I or anyone else.

seriously what is the issue here guys ?

In my humble opinion and with the risk that you might take that as an offence (which it is not meant to be), your tone is. Hence again my advice, take a break and try to relax. No-one here has the desire to harm you.