What should I fix?,The text inside the table disappears

It’s always like this, and I’m so scared because I don’t know what’s going to break next. I can’t edit after the update, and I really want it to stop. I just want to refresh the page!!V5.12.
In a constant state like this, we lose the desire to renew.

00.mov.zip (1.0 MB)

Hi @sifrec

The Table Bric as far as I am aware was never released officially. It was packaged with a beta, but then removed (happy to be corrected here, but from memory, that’s what happened :thinking:).

So unless Norm, who was the developer decides to release it officially, it is what it is. The issues will remain and it may break with future Blocs updates.

I am sure this has all been explained to you before.

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I feel very inconvenient that I can’t use the table.

I understand. But that’s the reality of the situation unfortunately.

Also the risk you take using beta products.

Don’t fret - Table Pro is launching very soon - you are going to love it.

Watch the forum in the next week or so.



That’s great Bill.

“Features like ‘tables’ are common and essential functions for editor apps, in my opinion. I have some concerns about relying on others for them because when the app’s author implements them, there’s a high likelihood of post-verification release. However, if dependent on third parties, one must worry about compatibility with each version change, leading to delays. I believe basic functions should be included as standard equipment.”