What's the Up/Down Arrow in Class Manager?

While I continue to struggle with my understanding of Class Manager, can someone explain what the heck the Up/Down arrow does in revealing the second page?

I’ve completely bollixed up Classes as I’ve been experimenting. I have text color set to orange and now cant reset it to anything else. I suspect I’ve screwed up a custom class, then deleted it. In looking at the Class Manager window, I see there is a new Up/Down arrow to the left of the – & +. That opens another class manager window that lists additional custom classes, but there doesn’t seem to be a thing that can be done with them.

How does one delete these or edit them?

First port of call should always be the Blocs docs :slight_smile:



Thanks — good point, though it’s a bit like trying to look up a word in the dictionary that you don’t know how to spell in the first place.

While I now get the point regarding reordering of classes, there are classes that show up on the reorder list that aren’t showing up on the Class Manager list. If they are no longer used (deleted), how do I get rid of them on the Reorder Classes list?

If the classes are deleted then they shouldn’t show in that list. I’ll check that as it may be a bug.