When duplacating a bloc

Hi Norm
When you duplicate a bloc to a different page it always goes on top and you might have a good reason for doing that but i never found it useful I always need to right click and move it down several times until its in the right place, most times you want the duplication to be in the same spot on all the pages I think it needs to keep its placement like in the original page it would save so match time and make the workflow that much better.

Your thoughts?

I’m not Norm but my thought is that there’s no easy way to know where it should go. I don’t usually have pages with the same content so I don’t see why it should naturally go anywhere but the top so we can move it to the right spot.

A simple Command + Option and the down/up arrow key will move your Bloc up and down your page with ease.


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But do you recall a time that you just left it on the top? Never right because it goes over the nav bar and its just redundant its much easier to move it from the center or from the original place

I think we both agree that the bloc is not going to be where we want it to be regardless of where Norm puts it.