When exporting from Blocs fonts are replaced

If I use Blocs 3.4.4 the fonts do not change at export. If I use 3.4.8 or even 3.4.6 and I export the site, blocs seems to default back to times roman and does not honour the fonts I am using ( Droid Sans ) this applies in Export and Quick Export. Please help…

@douglas I believe Droid Sans is only available via an external font foundry. So it is not available as a Google font. Have you tired Open Sans or Lato? Or you can embed one of the many other Google Web fonts. I’m very new to Blocs. I had an issue with OSWALD weight variants until I saw how easy it is to embed the fonts using Blocs font manager

Thanks for the reply - Yes Lato does work even though Blocs says Droid
sans is a google font it does not work in 3.4.6.\

Thanks for the help!

Yeh @douglas, it also says it in 3.4.9 but it appears to no longer be a google font (@Norm).