Where are you located Blocs Users?

Are the majority of Blocs users throughout Europe?
Wow 450 views with 36 responses, some people just don’t want to be found. :smile:

From Argentina here (South America)

That’s a rhetorical question which can’t be answered by individuals. You might be right but could be wrong :expressionless: Should the answer be according to passport or location ?

You’re one funny guy Jerry. LOL

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As an answer to your question on my personal situation . Passport: yes, location: no

I think I am the only one from New Zealand ? :thinking:

I am from the US

I’m from Japan

Hello to Argentina, no location :-), New Zealand, US, Japan!
I am from Austria


From Ghana :ghana:

Hello foreigners, Bonjour les étrangers, Ciao stranieri, مرحبا اجانب, , Helo warga asing, Hola extranjeros, Sanibonani abokufika, Hallo Ausländer, こんにちは外国人, salve externi, Привет иностранцы
and many more…
I am from The Netherlands…

Perth, Western Australia here

I guess not the only one from Switzerland? :wave:

However as @Jerry said, depends on what you look at.
Papers say Swiss. Physics say “since years abroad”. Psychics again say something else lol.


Piet from Hamburg, Germany – I think it’s great that help here across national borders should be like that everywhere, thanks for that.

Hello from France.
I am in the Dordogne Valley, the place to be.

Cologne - Germany.
Started with Books 2 late 2016 and feel really touched by the help of other members of this great forum - and of course @Norm´s fast and friendly support.

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From Columbus, Ohio USA

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I’m from England (UK)

(Mum was born in Mauritius where @Jerry is now based, and my Dad was a farmer here! - sorry, didn’t mean to give my family history! just thought I would say)


Melfort. Saskatchewan,Canada. New to blocs!
-Bill Wood