Where can I style the mail of the contact form to be sent?

Hello, how can I style the incoming mail from my contact form or determine what will be sent from the information entered by mail.

I would also like to send a 2nd mail, a confirmation mail to the sender. How and where can I set or determine this?

Thanks already for the help

A forum is a great thing, but if you have direct questions about Blocs App there is unfortunately no direct support. Would be happy about an answer or help…

The form sends the information to you and it’s generated by Blocs. You can’t style this very easy so you need to name the fields to they are easily recognized in the email.

Blocs gives the user a confirmation that your message is sent and you can customize the note.

You can also send the user to a page or a URL. So you could customize a page with a thank you or something else.

The form in Blocs is designed to provide an easy way to have a simple contact without needing additional code.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much @casey1823 for your answer. I suspected that was the case. Of course the form is simple and requires no coding.
For the individualized mail you don’t necessarily need coding knowledge. There are some third party providers where you don’t have to code anything and can create a contact form. Unfortunately you have to insert this again as HTML Code Brig and often these are provided with a limit and then have to be paid for. Therefore I bought Blocs …