Where do I find the list of classes?

Hi all,

This forum is a great source of finding information out, but where do i find where the classes are for certain brics?

For example, i want to use the tabbed content bric, i know it can do some great things - but out of the box it has again left me playing find the needle in the haystack to get it to work! I have found you need to use these classes:
.nav-tabs .nav-item.show .nav-link, .nav-tabs .nav-link.active
Why not when the bric is open the list of these classes is open as options instead…?

But without this forum, where would i find these out from using blocs alone?

I don’t like to mention other software so all i will say is 2 others i used to and sometimes use is simple, you just highlight the text and tell it what colour you want it to be when its used, and on hover and active…no need to put other things in - can something as simple as this @Norm be implemented in the new version of Blocs.

I want this to so much be my go to software for my projects but spending hours finding something simple like changing text in tabs colour seems to be painful from what the experience that Blocs can be.

I 100% understand that people know how to do this inside out and I understand how the classes work, but to make the text do colours in the tabs seems a very long work around.
I still can’t work out how to get rid of the grey outline for the tab. I can do this within 5 seconds on other software, just select outline and how thick i want it to be and what colour or not at all. If the new Blocs had more simple ways built into it - this would just be the most amazing thing ever !

Blocs 3 is built on the Bootstrap 4 framework.

You can find all the docs and classes for it here

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That you so much!..this should be documented within Blocs though.

@Malachiman - i know you and the pro users here know about these classes inside out, but do you think it would be a good idea to have all these options built into Blocs 4 - @Norm, will this work?

I have attached a photo of another platform showing how they do it - its just pure simple!!! no searching, no reverting elsewhere - its all here - BOOM! (admin, please delete photo if this is not allowed, or i can do if you ask me too)

I want blocs to be my go to for everything…but think needs all brics and blocs to have a full modify tab to have this happen.


Good call. I believe there is another thread on here concerning different classes, or maybe it was on the wish list, but you’re not alone @AdieJAM

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I like this. I am used to work with classes of course, but it would be cool to have more options like this for commonly used brics. Not for all, but maybe for brics like tabbed content, forms, etc

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I feel that it would limit things a lot, if it were used that way, in particular I like how blocsapp shows the panel when you select an h1 or img or block, being able to create a custom class I feel gives me control of how I want things .

From what I see in your image, this is what you have and you cannot modify it! that’s how sorry but hey.

It would all depend on what I think @Norm

I like that blocsapp has led me to investigate and add new code to take my websites to another level, I like that.


Indeed, this may help for some and at the same time the fact that not all is readily available helps in learning a little more and thus becoming capable of achieving things we did not suspect we could.

Like @nelo said I agree that it could limit some while some feel they can achieve more with better control.

On the other hand many of us tend to forget that there is already a lot of information in the documentation itself:


I do re-visit it from time to time and always discover something new or updated.


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Not so much me, I am learning about them all the time. Not long ago I learnt about the class stretched-link from a post @Eldar did, which was excellent, some how I had never come across it before. I find I use it often now :grin:


hahaha I still found that post and discovered that code hahaha! and now the application works fine

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I like the idea. But should @Norm decide to implement more classes, they could be optional, like… only shown for more advanced user. Make in a setting in the app, or a checkbox for users that want and need more flexibility.

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I think this is critical in a modern age, specially as this is an apple based app - Its 80% there, but still has flashes of windows !!..simplicity for Blocs should be implemented in all areas.

The basics for each bric/bloc should have a basic styling and when this is adjusted, if you do go into the class, then it will show the changes in there that we have done the easy way! so for the purists amongst us, this will not effect how you work…but for ones who want to just make a tab change colour on hover - then this is not like i’m trying to crack a cryptic puzzle!

This in my mind will be the biggest change in Blocs for me anyway, I want to spend more time creating, experimenting and designing than trying to search endlessly on how to make something change colour.

@pumpkin, you mentioned a checkbox, but this will not be needed as for example, if I change the colour of a tab then this will automatically change it live in the class. ( search for the class, and BOOM its showing, but we did it the easy way)