Where should I find the missing asset "textbloc.min.js"

I have just installed the “TextBloc-Hero.bloc” and its “TextBloc.bex” but I’m getting the following error when trying to open the Hero bloc.

Any idea where I should be directing it or how I should solve the matter please?

That would come from a custom bric.

Thank you. But what custom bric might be at fault or how do I go about fixing it please?

I think the answer was in your question with TextBloc.bex

Are you using some kind of template? If you try adding the bric again it might fix this.

No I’m not using any kind of template. I just deleted TextBloc using the extension manager and re-downloaded it and now I’m getting the following when I open. Also TextBloc itself is not showing in the Hero Section. Should it be?

I would allow it to update and then see what happens. @Whittfield would probably be the best to advise here, but I suspect you have added the bric to your project at some point, then deleted it, however the page attachment remained in place.