Which Export Option to Use?

New to Blocs and just wondering which export option you guys prefer, the Quick Export, or the Advanced Export?

An a guess, the quick export just uses the settings you have in Project Settings

Export -> Export Project just brings up the same options for you to select. I tend to always use this option, mainly from habit.

That’s what I’ve been doing too, but wondering if it’s the best habit to be making :upside_down_face:

Well depending on the stage of development, options could change.

What’s best for the final export?
I tend to minimise where possible but deselect lazy loading as it has caused issues in he past.

For the final export deselect cache bust css and jss. I have also found lazy loading can cause issues at times. The rest can all be selected I think.


@Flashman Why is it advisable to deselect “Cache Bust and JS”?

Because it will make the site faster for returning visitors. During development I keep it enabled, then disable on the final export. It’s explained in the documentation. https://help.blocsapp.com/knowledge-base/exporting/


Thanks for the explanation. :pray:

Well, I was thinking about your explanation how to use the function.

The knowledge base said this:
[…] If you make big visual styling changes to your site and re-upload to your server, anyone visiting your site with a cached version of the style sheet, will still see the old visual styling, which may cause your site to appear broken. […]

Wouldn’t it be better that the uploads to the web hosting server during the development have the Cache Bust and JS disabled, because some (or a lot of) “big visual styling changes” occur? But when the website is finished and there are no visual styling changes anymore, then to switch on the Cache Bust and JS that the visitors receive a quicker load of the website.

No, it’s the opposite way around. Cache bust literally stops browsers from using the cache and forces them to load everything fresh. That’s why I use it during development and it saves a lot of stress with clients who do not know how to clear the cache. When everything is settled turn off the cache bust option for the final export and upload.


All right. I got that totally wrong. :upside_down_face: Yes, of course this makes now fully sense. Thanks.

Great explanation thanks.
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