White flashes between switching pages?

Hi all, I have made my website and uploaded it to the server. I am very happy with the looks, but there is one glitch: every time you switch to another page, the entire browser screen flashes white for a short time (apparently while loading the new page). Can this be avoided? It doesn’t look very professional.

Thanks a lot!

Hi, you’ll need to provide a link to the site in question so we can see what’s happening.

The white flash is your page loading, it isn’t instant like on your desktop. Try turning off the page pre-loader to see if that helps, it’s in project settings.

Hi Norm and Neil,

the flashing occurs because of the preloader which has a white background. It would be great if that color can be changed to e.g. black (my website has a black background). Switching of the preloader solves the problem of the flickering. But for the next version, it would be nice to have a preloader where you can set the background so that this flickering does not occur.


Yes more options coming for the preloaded!


Thanks Norm, looking forward to it! :+1:

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Hi all. I have a blurring in background with no delay. It looks good in Blocs app preview, but when I open in browser, there is a white flash before the blur. The page is loading I think, but the background color is black, and I turned off the preloader. How can I solve this problem? Thanks!

appreciate this is digging up an old-un, but I have a need to change the colour of the pre-loading screen to black… is this something I can now do by fiddling with the class manager?

Ho there !
Digging up again, instead of a new post :slight_smile:
@Norm : Any news for choosing a custom background color for preloader ? (class, code ?)
My website has a black background…

Second question : My website is first appearing during 0,5s BEFORE the preloader… Really strange… Any workaround for this ?

Thanks !


I would turn the pre loader off personally. I like to use this, it’s great with a nice fade and you can set the colour to the same as your background.

Hi Malachiman,
thanks for your advice, but it’s not the point of my two questions.
Maybe I’ll have to make a new topic, seems unclear…

Ideas ?

There is a sub class in the class manager for the pre-loader under Misc