White line between blocks

I have a few blocks, each block has a custom class with a gradient background …
Between each block I have a white line. On Safari everything is okay. Also Firefox. On a Windows PC I have this problem … Only with the Internet Explorer … Firefox on Windows is no problem … Anyone else has that problem ?!? I have send a support ticket to @Norm


Is this a Retina display on Blocs 2 by chance?

Hi @Flashman
sorry, I don’t understand the question …
On my Mac I have a Retina display … But the Windows computer do not have a Retina display … I checked it on three different Windows PC´s ( I don´t have one, but a few friends )

OK I thought you might be talking about a fine hair like line between different blocs, which I used to see in Blocs 2 on retina displays. I believe this is gone in Blocs 3.

If you are seeing a wider line I wonder if that is the zero padding bug some have talked about in Blocs 3. A screenshot or even pointing to a url would be useful.

yes, I think that problem with the zero padding ,between each block …

for example the divider block …not seen inside the app -only windows explorer

or that …

or this one …

Are you on 3.0.6 and does the problem go away if you increase the padding?

Yes, I use 3.0.6 … could you explain how that works ? To increase the padding ?
Thanks for your help
But why anybody else has that problems when there watch their pages on windows ? :thinking:

It’s a bug and I thought it had been fixed by now. You might try replacing one bloc with a new one to see if that fixes things, since I sometimes find that things need to be added again before a bug fix sinks in.

Otherwise just look in the right side panel where you presumably have padding set at zero and try shifting that to 20 or 50 points. This would at least indicate if that is the cause of this problem.

Not fix yet, I’m having the same issue.

I’m happy to take a look at the projects, but this is probably something that @Norm needs to see/fix. As mentioned above it sometimes happens in Blocs that updates come out to correct a problem, however you have to add the item again to see the fix kick in. You can also right click in preview to reload the page, which can help with cache issues.

By default I think new structure blocs have a 100px of padding at top and bottom, so to see the zero padding bug would have required the padding to be manually set at zero, unless it’s something else entirely.

Hi, I have do a test site. A new project … And there is the same problem. I have send @Norm a support ticket … Hope there is a quick solution.

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