White stripes above and below in the dropdown menu - SOLVED

I’m glad I found BLOCS - it’s perfect.
But I need your help:
How can I remove the dropdown ?
I use Blocs 3.0.7 and have changed the background of the dropdown menu with a classe: navbar-nav li a
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Try adding this class and adjust the background color.


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Hi @stefan

If you add directly to the Class Manager the class .dropdown-menu - you can style the whole background colour instead of just the links.



Thanks for the helpful information. Too bad that there is no list of classes and their meaning. That would be helpful if you want to change something.
Tanks again to all :+1::sun_with_face::beers::fireworks:

Hi @stefan

Bootstrap 4 Class Ref.xlsx.zip (62.1 KB)

Well here is a simple Excel file I have just created using the list provided under:




Thanks for the tip. I did not know that Blocsapp is on Bootstrap. Sorry for my bad English.

This was never an issue with Blocs 2. There are a few areas like this where Blocs 3 seems to require more work.

My understanding is that this is due to moving from Bootstrap 3 to 4.


Yes it is. It’s just a little strange that certain things are more complex. This is another example My first B3 site