Why Blocs? Webflow, Wordpress, Elementor …


I am a paying member in Blocs on every update. Recently (in June I think) I bought Plus in-app. In all those years I didn’t use Blocs. I just made a simple landing page for Google Ads.

I want to ask you why should I use Blocs / update my Blocs 4 Plus to Blocs 5 or Blocs 5 Plus if I already have Premium Wordpress Theme, Elementor Pro for Wordpress, Webflow Pro with export functions?

Do you think Blocs has something that is superior to Webflow or Elementor Pro?

I was disappointed that if I already have Blocs 4 Plus I have to pay again for the “Plus” in-app if I wanted it in Blocs 5…

What do you (community) advise me to do? To upgrade to Blocs 5 or Blocs 5 Plus (and pay again the Plus in-app) or to give up Blocs and use Webflow and Elementor?


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Blocs plus actually creates a theme
Elementor pretends to create a theme while in fact stores all of it as posts in the database (and it’s HTML rendering is a nightmare as a developer)

For me that’s the main advantage of blocs. It’s actually just speeding up my first „jot“ of any theme.
That I then can use without being depending on an app.

Also blocs doesn’t limit you to one, or a 1000 websites.
You can create as many projects you want.

Blocs uses bootstrap (and not just one version)

I don’t know webflow so I can’t answer on that.

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I am completely agree it’s not fair to pay every single update every time even if you are and old user, in that case blocs don’t need to tell us is a one time purchase app.

Major releases are usually always paid. Blocs 4 has had numerous free updates in its lifecycle. Some that provided significant feature additions.

I’m really glad @Ericonieto that you give your customer a fixed price for lifetime service and products. But your a rare case.

Thanks for you reply. I just upgraded to Blocs 5 Plus. I hope I will use it :wink:

See you next year on Black Friday with the new Blocs 6 Plus and the new payment.

Agreed :slight_smile:

Every Lifetime Licensing based service out there will, sooner or later, become unmaintainable.
It is a very simple rule of business. Pay once for lifetime does not work. Not if you plan to provide support, continuous development and assistance for your product.

I have seen huge companies go down because they did not see the problem with LT Licensing. LT Licensing is great if offered for a short time, limited offer (such as on a BlackFriday, or when launching the service).
For sustainable, continuous growth and support, you need recurring payments.

It’s plain logic. And further, it’s also not entirely clear what LT actually would mean anyway. Lifetime of the App? Of the Developer? Of the client?
Of course it’s great to get things for free, but free things are usually not of great quality :slight_smile:


2024 is more likely though. :wink: