Why is Blocs not showing the Nav Toggle Menu?

I built this website ArmWrestlingTraining.com and to make sure Smartphones could it it I made the Font 25 px ( I know it’s large :smile: ). The problem is you can’t see the Text unless you zoom in. Also the Nav Menu one the two smallest Breakpoints is not working. What is in the world could be wrong? Is Blocs not exporting correctly? This so frustrating I even removed the Custom Classes I had setup.
Thanks to anyone willing to help. Anyone one of our knowledgeable Blocs techs such as, @Flashman, @Eldar, @Pealco, @Malachiman

The site is responding as expected. The menu on the small screen sizes is converting to a Hamburger icon (three horizontal bars at the top-right of the page- click the icon to reveal the menu) This is all normal behaviour.

Hi @KBConcepts
Yes, on my iPhone 6s the Hamburger does not show. Instead it shows the normal Navigation categories in a very small font. Also the text indeed is quite small.

Is there any conflict with the global project text size adjustment (H1, H2 etc. and Paragraph text) and the assigned classes or rather lack thereof?

Thanks @hendon52 for responding. When I bring the site up on two different Smartphones I do not get the Hamburger Menu. I get the full menu. Also did you notice the Text (H1, H2 & Paragraph) is not readable?

Thanks @StFoldex for getting back to me. H1, H2 and Paragraph all have different Classes assigned.

I realised in the Safari browser it shows the hamburger. I also realised that there seems to be a hover effect on the whole navigation menu row in the Safari browser. When I get close with the cursor from the bottom, then the whole navigation row is becoming bold. When I move further up then the single page name becomes red and jumps a little downwards. Mmmh, is this intentional?

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It’s not something as simple as you have the mobile menu set to be invisible at the smaller breakpoints.


This is what I get, on an iPhone 11 and an iPad. Have you made changes since you posted? There is no mobile nav appearing on the phone??

You can PM your project file if you like.