Why is "Lock Horizontal Scroll" needed?

Blocs 3.4.1 added Horizontal Scroll Lock feature. To enable it, right-click on a Bloc and choose Interface and then “Lock Horizontal Scroll.” None of my Blocs-created websites ever scrolled horizontally in the browser at any breakpoint, so why was this new feature added?


Due to the fact the layer tree can now be resized it has potential to overlap the main design canvas on smaller app window sizes (or screens). Horizontal scroll is related to the actual design canvas not the Bloc, I’ll see if I can make that clearer. Some folks found vertically scrolling caused some slight horizontal scroll, I think its due to the use of the mouse and the direction the finger goes in when some scroll down.

Anyway, its there for folks who find it irritating :slight_smile:

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Silly me. I was thinking it referred to scrolling in the browser! :blush: It locks scrolling within Blocs… Got it! Thank you, Norm!

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To be fair, it could be made more clearer. I’ve just tweaked this for Blocs v3.4.3