Why is this happening? web online looks totally different ( SOLVED )

Hi guys!

So i made a 1 page website. I checked on Preview ( all sizes ) and all fine… I check view on browser ( chrome… all sizes ) and also no problems at all…
So, I thought…ok it is time to upload it to the server and start using the web.
Now the website looks horrendous… misplaced pictures, top navigation incorrect, background images out of place, fonts in different alignment…totally a disaster…
On my laptop 13 inches is bad but on my smartphone…wow…like a puzzle

I’m confused. If on preview and on browser look all perfectly…why now all look like a mess?

thanks!! using 3.5v mojave latest version

PS: I made a website before in 3.4 with no problems at all… all problems I am getting is since I am using 3.5… should I back to 3.4??

Any chance of a link to see the site.


I notice that most of your images are incomplete. If you publish your site to a folder on your desktop, you can check the images folder to ensure they have been exported from blocs ok. If they have, then something went wrong on the FTP side of things. It looks like you only have a partial upload., which may be why you are seeing a mess.

the website should look like this ( this is a schreenshot from browser preview in blocs )

it is possible…all good o the website’s folder…but i notice some transfers errors when uploading from filezilla but it uploaded again but still same…i think it’s the FTP…u might be right

Think it’s definitely not a blocs issue - check your FTP logs to make sure there are no errors when uploading your site. May I suggest you download cyberduck and try that for FTP. Also, it may be worth doing a full overwrite upload rather than a “skip” upload.

OK got it… thank you!

hey Hi there! :slight_smile: ( new address is http://www.canodesign.com )
I was having FPT problems using Filezilla. I changed to Cyberduck and it was fast and better…but I still have a problem.

First… all images are optimized for web.
Ok so it seems that in some computers and phones the website looks different than others…such;
My macbook pro 13inch looks all good online…my android phone all good except for 1 image wich is cutted in half and another image that seemed didn’t loaded property…

My friends Pc and iPhone also different… in their Pc all good but that image is also cutted ( just 1 ) and in his iphone all good…

Soooo… I checked and re-checked all in Blocs and all seems fine ( to my knowledge )… uploading with yberduck give me NO problems… is it my server? I’m confused

I’ve just checked your site in the browser console and all your images are uploaded and complete. I can only assume that you may be seeing cached pages in your various browsers from the previous site. Try clearing out your browser cache and try it again. The site looks just fine on my iMac in both Safari and Chrome. On my android, it also looks fine. I did notice though that you need to add some image margins on the mobile version, but apart from that everything is looking good.

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Thank you for you fast reply!! Yes I did that too …but still the same… I’m at the office…so I will try at home again… thanks for that man!

I did notice that I could only get your site to appear on an android by using the www in front of your domain name. You may have to check with your hosting that everything has been set up to work correctly with or without the www bit. You may also like to think about getting a security certificate for your site (https) Many hosts will give you a certificate for free for the first year, so check it out.

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ok thanks so much :grinning:

And I just looked here, and all fine.

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yes, it’s all fine… maybe some little fixes here and there but all fine. :slight_smile:

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Looks good my end !

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