Why nobody answers to my questions?

I posted 4 questions here and I had only one answer for one of them, when I already had found the solution.
So I wonder am I posting too silly questions or what?

Hi @FrancescoT, same as you people here are still discovering and studying the power of Blocs App. Maybe your question had been answered already or discussed. You can check the search for same topics and see if that would help. Please be aware that not everyone here knows everything and for that people are not required or obligated to answer some of your questions. :slight_smile: You can wait for contributors to answer your question if someone here knows or can discuss your question directly. Don’t think that your question is silly, learning is a big tool in discovering alot of things. :slight_smile:


Well said @mackyangeles, the skill set varies with all users. I wouldn’t want to reply to something I don’t know the answer to. I try and help when I can as many users do.

@FrancescoT Maybe when no one answers you should direct the question to @norm, he’s always willing to help when he can.


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Hi @mackyangeles and thank you for your reply,
I’m very very sorry and apologise for my question.
I didn’t know that this is a user to user forum and that there is no help from Blocs staff.
Thank you again.

Hi @casey1823 and thank you to you too, but if @Norm is a user like me I won’t disturb him with direct questions. It doesn’t seem kind.

I thought this was an official forum, I’m sorry and apologise. Please excuse me.

Same here.

Well @Bootsie,
maybe I didn’t apologise enough, I do it again and with you too. Please read what I wrote above or just accept my excuses here too, for you.

No apologies needed.
Don’t worry.

@Bootsie You needed to reply I needed to apologise again. Everybody has his needs. Do you want to set mine?

Been this post useless, may I erase it? I can’t find how.

Hi Franceso - seriously, I wouldn’t worry about this. If it stays on the forum it will serve as a good guide to other people who, like you and me, are Brics beginners.

Brics is growing a a phenomenal rate and the owner, @Norm, tries to answer as many questions as possible.

Like every growing company, however, there are spells where it grows fast and has to retrench. In my view Norm is doing a super job riding the wonderful beast he has created.

@Chiefsub68 I agree on all you wrote and I thank you.

These words are written on the top of this page and there are no excuses if I didn’t read them.
Welcome to the Blocs forum
If you require customer support or think you have found a bug that requires our attention, you can contact us directly via the Blocs application using the contact window, which can be found under the main menu - Help > Contact Customer Support.

My fault, thanks again.

hey @FrancescoT welcome :slight_smile:

Im the creator of Blocs. I do my best to spend time in the forum every day but its hard to answer everything. If you need to speak to me directly the best thing todo is file a support request in app.

Think of the forum as belonging to the actually community, its a place to help each other not a company support portal.

good luck on your adventures with Blocs, lots more coming very soon.

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Hi @Norm, your work is great indeed!
I wrote to you as per on top of the page indications and waiting for your reply.
Hope I’ll use Blocs for the site I’m designing now, but I need a Gallery with tagged images controlled by a tags menu.
Thank you very much.

Hey @FrancescoT, How did you write to me I don’t believe I got your email??

I used the support in Blocs