Why stop using Bootstrap...maybe

An interesting read…about why some are dumping Bootstrap and the Bootstrap framework entirely.

Another read about Bootstrap …note the mention of CSS Grid.


The web is big and the opinions and use-cases vary, so I’m not sure the demise of bootstrap is heralded by these articles.

There are new frameworks coming and disappearing all the time. Blocsapp isn’t aimed at bootstrap coders, it’s about making websites easily, quickly and visually and that’s an entirely different user segment to the coder that’s using frameworks ( or not ).

My clients don’t care what the underlying technology is ( unless they use the “W” word ).


lol @ ‘the “W” word’.

My clients do…it’s not all just about design once I simply explain it to them and why it might matter.

I’d love to know what you have to say on the subject.

One simple example is a site that is just a little “heavier” or not written as efficiently as it could be can slow the load time just a bit. The Time it takes loading a site is only one of many issues that can cause more customer bounces. It’s a major reason for users not waiting for a site to load and going elsewhere.

If you go through the analytics of a website with a thousand visits per month that can increase engagement, reduce bounces and increase the users overall experience that can add up exponentially annually quite easily.

It’s too much detail to get into here as it would be trying to teach design in few sentences.
Im just adding a few tips here and there.
I can see many users of a Blocs are more Design centered in their approach and thinking to creating websites.

I read a lot about how great sites look but not much on the mechanics. To me it’s like saying gee “the car looks great”. Don’t think for a second that what’s under the hood isn’t important too.

Now all that said I wouldn’t necessarily jump to not using Bootstrap myself just yet. Although CSS Grid is getting a lot of traction. In regards to thst article …
It was just good credible people stating their particular viewpoints…we just always need to be vigilant in paying attention to code that may lose support. Hopefully it’s adopted enough to stay alive :wink: