Why the left indent?

I’ve spent a couple hours on this and can’t figure it out, hence this post. Here’s my Blocs 3.2.1 document:

Navi Test Page 2.bloc.zip (52.2 KB)

And here’s a screenshot:

I’ve checked my Classes but I don’t see any Padding or Margin that would be causing this. All of those items under the MISC., VISION, SCIBORG, LUMINATOR headings are shifted to the right as shown in the screenshot. I want to eliminate that indent. I know I can add a negative margin on each to accomplish that, but I’d rather know what’s causing the shift in the first place.

After looking at my document, would you know the cause?

Thank you,


Hi James @JDW

The indent is due to the fact you have gutters applied to each row below the headings.

Either simply unclick “Include gutters” on each row, or add them to the headings row. Your choice.


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A wonderfully simple solution.

Thank you, @MDS!