Wide Nav

Hello guys! Is it possible to expand the menu buttons a little further to the left of the page?

So I can get something more like this?

By the way how can you archive the lines between the buttons?

If you don’t have it already and you are using the navbar in Blocs add this to the class manager keeping the spaces.

navbar-nav li a

But since you already have styled nav text, my guess this is already in your Class Manager.

What does it actually does? It didn’t happen anything. Im trying to make the space between the button bigger but it doesn’t allow me!

How did you make the links?

With the navigation!

Without see your project we can’t help you but I assume that you are using columns, and the with of the columns is influencing your needs.

Im using only one column with the nav inside!

Do you have a live link?

not yet! :confused: