Will Blocs 4 available in other languages?

Will Blocs 4 also be available in other languages? I think the program is great, but the English language is difficult for me …

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Welcome to Blocs, MacMann!

I am sorry no one has risen to the challenge of addressing your question over the last 6 days. I am sorry I cannot answer than question since I am not the developer. But I did switch my MacOS UI language to Japanese just now and then relaunched Blocs, and sure enough, it’s locked to English. I honestly did not know that until I saw your post today.

My recommendation would be to contact the developer, @Norm, and let him know what language you are seeking. That won’t guarantee it will immediately make its way into Blocs, but the first step in implementing a new feature like that is to express the need. If Norm replies back that it will take time to implement, I would suggest you then create a Wish List entry expressing the language of the UI you want in Blocs. Others who see your post can then chime in. The more people wanting that same feature will enhance the likelihood of it being implemented in a more timely manner, especially if someone from our community can help Norm translate the UI into that language. And when you write that Wish List, I would suggest you write it in English and in your native language, so people who speak your native language will find it easily.


Hello all, @Norm I’m available to make translation to Portuguese - Portugal, just send me the PO file and I can start doing that, its a good COVID hobby… :slight_smile:

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I remember Norm mentioning it back in 2016 on the old forum as seen in this thread.

Only he can respond where that aspect stands currently.

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I applaud your willingness, @Pealco. Many, many years ago, I and a Japanese co-worker used PowerGlot (on the Mac) to translate the SoftPress Freeway UI into Japanese. The neat thing about that back in the day was it was on OS 9, before OS X language switching. But SoftPress added a feature at my request to allow Freeway to provide on the fly UI language switching, which was pretty much unheard of at the time, except for Quark Xpress. We also translated the huge 300+ paper manual into Japanese. It took a long two even for two people, so for one person it will require a major commitment. I think it’s worth it, especially if the translator is compensated somehow. (I was working for the company who imported and sold Freeway in Japan, so of course it was part of my salary at the time to work full time on that project until it was completed.)

I don’t say this to discourage anyone from helping translate Blocs. I only mention it to inform you there is a lot of things that will require translation, and the job is actually bigger than you think. The end result will make Blocs have much wider appeal, so it will be worth it for our beloved app in the end.

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Yes I understand, and I know that is a lot of work, but I know there are more Portuguese users in here, so probably some can help even if they are Portuguese-Brazilian, but only @Norm knows…
But I’m happy with the English version…

I’m remembering something like os-ticket:

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I’ll do the Dutch version!

I can certainly help out there too if the number of strings to translate turns out too large.

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I’ll do the Kiwi English version. It’s like Australian, but better :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:

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I’ll do the German version!

Blockquote It’s like Australian, but better :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:

If not mistaken with rugby it’s the other way around… :rugby_football: :rugby_football:

Ready to help for a French version !

@Norm, if you need it, it could work for the Spanish version

Its good to see so many willing to help if required. As referenced in the thread I linked above it sounds like work started on this in 2017, so perhaps Norm can update where things currently stand concerning prgress.

I can also help with the german translation.

While it is perfectly understandable many users would want to have versions in additional languages I think it needs to be appreciated this is a substantial challenge for a small developer to meet with potential downsides for users as well.

First of all they are reliant on others for accurate translation, then it would require constant updates in every language before releases. This is no small matter when you have an app developing as quickly as Blocs and could really slow up much needed fixes or features. There would also be a mismatch between the language interface and online documentation, unless further resources were directed at that.

Years ago I used to work with Photoshop in Italian and it was fine, but of course Adobe is a huge company, however I also found it an issue when looking for support on forums, because we were literally speaking another language when talking about what options to choose and I didn’t know the names in English!

Later on I spoke with an Italian photographer who told me he always bought English versions of software for these reasons.


Hi @Norm I can help on the Spanish version swell :slight_smile:

I’m from the north of England, so I can hardly speak English never mind help translate into another language!

That’s why my OS runs in English, even though I’m German. Design, be it for print or web, uses certain terms that are … in English. Translating them would - for me personally - cause more confusion than help really. But that’s probably just me. I’m odd. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes as @Blocs_User mentioned multi language has been in the works for a while. I still continue to contribute to the multi language inner workings every time I add new features so it is technically progressing still :grimacing:

The main road block has been the fact the Blocs interface has changed a lot since 2017 and continues to. I have also made changes in areas to try and use symbols rather than words in an attempt to make it less work to translate.