Window scrolling

Please watch this movie, I have never seen the screen scrolling from the previous version, and when I asked other people strangely, that page was scrolling, normal Is there any improvement plan? (3.2 MB)

Creating a new file does not (714.3 KB)

Hi @sifrec,

On the Botton of the left side bar is an icon with options. Make sure scroll to selected is ticked.

It is the same setting as this, and even if you change the setting, it will not scroll, I have never done it from the past,


When in doubt untick it and re-tick it :wink:

or restart Blocs.

I think how comfortable it was when scrolling.
Does not scroll when checked or unchecked.
I’m sorry, are you on the developer side?
Or are you a user?

A user, I can not replicate your issue. Have you tried restarting your whole computer?

This forum is driven by the community of users, we help each other.

It’s not a symptom that is happening just now, I have never been able to scroll in the past, restart before I go to bed

Hey @sifrec,

That is weird. Report the issue.

I’ve contacted Norm in the past, but he didn’t give me the right support, I saw another person’s scrolling movie today and I was surprised that this was a good thing I posted because I wanted to know what you do.

I’ve reported a lot of bugs from the link you told me, but Norm didn’t reply to me saying I was frustrated when I talked to me. I’d like to fix it because it’s a bug, I want to respond to the request as a user’s request, I reported that there is a problem with a bug-filled application I am not bad.
I felt that it was too bad as an author.