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I recently had to switch platforms and realized that I only needed OSX to use the Blocs. are there any plans to have a version for Windows, or is totally impractical?

Sorry no plans.



You can use Bootcamp or Parallels or Crossover etc… to use Windows or windows’ apps and still use mac as well.
For instance, I use mac all the time but I have to use 3 specific apps for windows ONLY, so I use Crossover and it works like a charm.
My mac is a Macbook Pro 13" 2018 with 16Gb RAM. running Mojave


My case is just the opposite.
I have a MacBook Pro 2011 that by 3x went through the GPU recall, and now that the problem occurred outside of the recall program and I gave up “fixing it” because it was too expensive for an already outdated machine. are very expensive, I invested in a workstation running windows, because I work with 3d and this OS fits me better.
In the old MacBook, I used the bootcamp and it suffered with renders, warming up a lot.
In this new machine I did a Hackintosh on a small SSD, just to use the Blocs and the Transmit as an FTP client.
In this mode I can only use one OS at a time, and using MacOS has become a problem, because I need to create the graphics in windows, restart the PC and boot into MacOS.
So I asked if there were plans for a version of Blocs for Windos in the future, because some friends who use windows liked the app but can not use it because they do not have Windows.

Run Mac OS X on Any Windows PC Using VirtualBox

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I already made use of all virtualization tools available and no graphical acceleration, because the apple does not authorize the use of third-party drivers and not using your OS virtualization.
I tested MacOS with 128MB of graphics memory and the performance gets horrible to use some app.

If this works it’s the most well explained instructions.