Working in one Project from two computers; how?

I would like to work on one project, from two computers. I have two licenses to do that.
The problem I have is; if I open my project on the 2nd computer, it does not recognize the location of most assets.

How can I solve this issue?

it’s very easy actually. add all your projects resources and assets in your iCloud folder or if you have Dropbox under the same user name on both computers and save the blocs file in it, this way all your resources and blocs projects are accessible at all times. I personally use iCloud for it and never had any issues. just don’t forget to pre-add all photos, videos etc… to iCloud folder on your Mac and then start with your project or you will have to relink them later on.

Thanks Ilayd for your help!

How can I see where (location) my current resources and assets are?

I don’t know how you’ve set up your projects before, but I guess you keep your original files for each project? on TimeMachine backup or somewhere else? if you keep your original .bloc projects, you can transfer them to iCloud drive folder on your Mac or Dropbox and relink the pics and videos