WP comments: how to integrate?

Hello talented team

I have a question… I have a page with a lightbox gallery and a playlist widget and would love to add a comment/review section at the bottom to make it more interactive.

I have looked at Disqus but do not like the ads. I was able to integrate the WP comments bloc, but cannot find a thread or information on how to integrate and configure it.

A test upload shows the dummy entries and allows me to enter into the type box, but then I get an error message. Can someone point me in the right direction, please?

FYI: This is the site if you want to find out what I am missing… :slight_smile: Photo Gallery

Thank you!


I did use HashOver a while back. It’s free and open source.

You will need to be running Wordpress to make use of WP comments. You can turn your site into a WP theme, start using WP, then the WP comment bloc will work.

The Blocs website has a series of starter videos

Thanks Malachiman. I will look into this.

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