WP Pagination not working

I’m having problems with the pagination widget not working. I thought at first it had something to do with the way I was setting up my blog post page (see this thread) I I have tried a number of different options including following the Blocs Website Builder tutorial step for step and when I preview in blocs the pagination widget shows up but when I upload to wordpress on the live site it is gone. I have 12 posts and am displaying 5 per page and the pagination does not display at the bottom of the posts.

Do I need to add an attribute or something else to get it to show up. I’m close to finishing this site and I just want done with it so it’s really frustrating that this isn’t working properly.


After much frustration trying to find out why the pagination is not working, I decided to upload an exported version of the Exampla theme included in the Wordpress theme example folder to my Wordpress site, and the pagination works in that theme.

What this tells me is that it isn’t wordpress, or my Blocs app that are at issue but rather the page that it is on. In Exampla, the post loops are on the home page (ie index.html). In my theme I want the post loop on a different page called News & Events.

Does the post loop page need to be on specific wordpress page (eg, single, page, index…)? if so what? Can I add code to change what page it is on?

Any help would be much appreciated as this is incredibly frustrating.

I’ve determined that the wp paginate bric only works on the home (index) page and specifically on the ‘www.mydomain/’ page. That is if I type in ‘www.mydomain/index’ it will not appear but if I use ‘www.mydomain/’ it will appear. And any other page below the domain will not work either (eg ‘www.mydomain/page2’).

This is a really limiting feature and means I am forced into posting blog loops on the home page even if I’d rather have it on a different page unless there is some work around. Major bummer!