Your connection to this site is not secure


Just uploaded my site but Google Chrome says “Your connection to this site is not secure” - i tiny little ‘i’ in the circle next to the domain name. Is this a bloc problem or a domain problem?

Many thanks


Nothing at all to worry about. It’s simply because you have not used https with an SSL security certificate, which Google is pushing a bit these days. I wouldn’t stress about SSL unless you are taking credit card transactions on the site. This is the Telegraph newspaper that you can check in Chrome and they don’t bother with SSL


Well, as the above is quite an out-dated answer, I’d like to add that if you have a contact form on your site, it might be advisable to add SSL.

And even so, with search engines in the lead of being found on the web, you’d better add SSL. Better safe than sorry.
And ‘A non-safe site…’ that as an introduction to yr client or prospect… that just doesn’t sound right. Now does it.

All my sites have been SSL enabled for the last 3 years, which has security, performance and SEO advantages now. At this point I would say it’s pretty much obligatory, given the emphasis by browsers on highlighting non secure websites and that will only increase with time.

For me this makes it pretty much essential to choose a web host that provides free SSL certificates like Lets Encrypt that renew automatically.

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I went in search of chocolate biscuits, but found winnebagos. I went looking for “Honeys” and also found winnebagos! I’m not sure why they are called “Honeywagons”. I went looking for “Andrex” (I didn’t really) and found it.

Really nice site. Really nice.

“At Wagon Wheels we also has a Gully Sucker” should be “have”. Whatever a Gully Sucker is. I did spot an other dodgy bit but I forget where now…

Really impressed by the site - organisation and copy. Occasionally wished there were a few more hyphens and text columns, but this is a site that shows how to organise content and how to present copy that describes and sells at the same time.

If it’s not in the top 100 blocsapp sites, it should be (if you want it to be).

Top job - I know you didn’t ask for a critique but I was really impressed by this one and by the fab business itself. Everyone using blocsapp should look at your site.

I wish I’d seen it a year ago.

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I agree, Paul,

One nice touch (and I don’t know if it’s possible) would be to turn the preloader into a wagon wheel.


Cheers Paul, Only just seen this reply 7 months later!! Do they have a top 100 blocapp sites?

My first bash of a website so pretty pleased with the outcome. I change the text has to have…



There is this:

How did you make the blocs with the cars and fading text?

The picture click on Animation > Appear on Screen, style - none, Speed - normal, Delay - none, Loops - 1

Same with the text but you can slow it down and change direction etc.

Its all about the Animation…