Your feedback on a new website

I am creating a new website for an animal protection association. Im working for free. The site is not finished yet, I’m still creating and it is a test domain. The pictures and some functions are not correct now.

What do you think about the design and the colors? What can I do better? Any feedback on the website is appreciated.

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Tolle Seite! Wie immer!

Ich würde nur die Buttons (siehe Bild)

in einer auffälligeren Farbe wählen. Z.B. in rot (Hintergrund der Öffnungszeiten).

Ich klicke mich auf den hier vorgestellten Seiten immer mal überall durch. Die Buttons sind mir erst spät aufgefallen.

Liebe Grüße

I really like the site design. As always you’ve taken the time to make it look as good on mobile.

My only complaint is the hero movie. For me it’s to much. Video is not very smooth and jumps around to much. I like the concept, but for me less would be more.

Maybe try just a clip that shows the whole dog in the cage and just slowly zooms in to a closeup? I think that would be just as effective.

Nice work,

Great looking website! Love the sliding dividers!

Nice job!
I like the design. Clean and clear.
So far, I just wonder if the arrow going below on this page is on pupose:
as it’s not active I assume it was from a Hero bloc that you forgot to delete.

Thanks for your feedback and the ideas.

I see that you have taken the site down, am keen to know how you made the current background that changes are you move the mouse around?


hey, the site is now online at

which background do you mean?

Unity design
Very good website.^^

i somehow ended up at this URL
which has a cool interactive background

Fantastic looking site. I love the subtle transitions. Also took a peak at the design studio credit in the footer. All of that content was made using Blocs as well? If so, it’s impressive stuff.

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