Your opinion pls

Hi Guys, I’m working on a new website for a real estate agent. This site is not very easy to build with blocs, because the picture sizes are very complicated to make. What is your opinion to this website?

it is just a test, not a finished website:


Once again. You’re doing a great job! I love all your designs. So professional. Question, how did you do the side by side image and box?

Very nice indeed. I like the layout and the colour combinations.

I agree. Design is superb.
What I would like to know:
where are all these houses :sunglasses:

:slight_smile: the most of these houses are in Germany.

@mackyangeles i ll show you in the next days how i did it.


Please show me too:) A really beutiful site!

Excellent. Some pictures could be higher resolution but their OK.

Super design.

Overall a great and function site - good job! :slight_smile:
The only thing is that in mobile the dropdown hamburger navigation has some overlap going on with the links…

hey, it is just a test site. it’s not optimised for mobile. i ll do this later. thanks for your comment.