YouTube Video Background



Is it somehow possible to put a YouTube Video to the background?
And are there any plans to implement that feature in a future Blocs build?

Thanks, Jacob




I’m sure this will be possible in a future build - there’s developer access just been announced:

So no doubt this will be a popular add on to be created :slight_smile:

For now though, it doesn’t seem to be listed in @Eldar course:

So I’m guessing it’s not built into this version of Blocs but am sure it will see light of day at some point. Hang on!


Thanks pulsecms that’s very exciting!


Hi Use this good idea


Hey @jacou I literally just did this in a project this morning. It was handcoded but principle the same.

Add HTML brics with the HTML inside and then add the CSS to the project from here:

Good luck with the project