Yummy FTP Pro - FREE

For the next 2 days you can download Yummy FTP Pro for free from the App Store. It’s the old version that was only replaced a couple weeks ago by version 2, but it’s still fantastic. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/yummy-ftp-pro/id492068728?mt=12


Thank you very much for the news.
I will prove it.
Best regards.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Great tip, thanks.

I bought the ‘Lite’ version about 3 weeks ago so I shall view this as a free upgrade. I’ve not used it very much yet but it has impressed as far I’ve gone. The full version should be even better.

The old version works really well. I didn’t upgrade as I’ve got version one setup with all my sites. You just never know about new versions (just ask norm) :slight_smile:


Great share!

@Cmd-F I’ve never used the Lite version but I find the Pro version really sings when you master the bookmark settings alongside the sync options. When I select a bookmark, Yummy launches without having to hunt for anything and I just press the sync button that is set to only upload newer content, while ignoring separate items like remote image folders. All of this can be scheduled as well.

It’s a very reliable piece of software and if you have interruptions in your uploads it will pick up exactly where you left off. The developer is also very helpful.

I’ve set mine up the same way. It works really slick.


I’ve just read news that the developer of Yummy FTP has died suddenly. There was a message in the company’s Twitter feed from his family asking people to be patient at this time. I was in touch with him about a year ago and he mentioned having to go to hospital for major surgery, but I don’t know if that was related in any way.

That’s very sad news. Yummy was always the reliable FTP option that tended to appear in all sorts of too good to be true offers but Yummy was a solid product.

Yes I’m a big fan of Yummy, which I use as my primary FTP app. The developer and I were in touch more recently talking about the issues with MacBook Pro keyboards and there was no indication that anything was wrong, so I think this came without warning and must have been shock to his family.

Ohh, that are very bed news.