Z-index setting for navigation... were can I find it?

Hi fellow Blocs users,

my navigation dropmenu isn’t working on some pages caused by a wrong Z-index when it overlaps the header photo. How can I set the navbar to be ALWAYS on top on every page through the whole site?
Is there a setting menu for the Z-index?

Your advice would be very helpfull!


The z-index attribute isn’t supported at present in the class manager. You need to manually add the class attribute in the header for now.

Okay, so I searched but it isnt’t there… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
how do I do that. Any tips?

Add this to the header area…

.class-name {
z-index: 999;

Set the z index to what you want. Then add the class-name to the element in the normal way.

Thank you very much for your help, also for your quick reponse!

So the code wouls be in my cae:

.bloc-0 {
z-index: 999;


It can be yes, although I’d make the class name more descriptive, so you know what it is from the name, like z999 etc.

That is a good idea to do, to split it from the other (standard) given class name :+1:

Sorry, I was on my phone as I’m travelling.

Looks like your using an ID there, it needs to be a class.

You’re correct! I tried this but didn’t work

.bloc-0-Z9999 { z-index: 9999; }

<bloc-0-z9999 -->

Now I’m busy to make a class!

You’ve already made the class with that code, just add the class name to the custom class box in the sidebar settings.

I think there’s something missing…

class-name is [.menubarz9999]

.menubarz9999 {
z-index: 999;

do I forget someting perhaps?

Please look on the homepage navmenu under ‘services’… scrol down to ‘notariaat’ … the hand changes into an arrow

Sorry it sems to work, the page stould probably still in the cache, after refresh it seems allright now!

Many thanks for helping me out with this ’ [Malachiman] & [Steve B]!

grts Andries