Zip app OSX

Hi all. I’m looking for suggestions for a Zip program for OSX. Anyone good experience with a certain app?

I just use the compress function built into OSX. It may not create the leanest zip files, but it does work very well. I often use it to zip a site that has been published to a desktop folder. I can then upload it as a single file to my server and decompress it on the server. Its a quick and easy way to upload a site. The file manager in most cPanel’s will allow the upload of a single zip file, so if you don’t want to use an ftp application, this is a good alternative. The other advantage of this is that the zip file can stay on the server as a backup.


Same here @hendon52 - right-click, COMPRESS. Double click, uncompress.

I used to use Zipeg eons ago

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@Hypnoman I agree, most third party zip applications are more trouble than they’re worth these days. The compress function in OSX is perfect and hassle-free.

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I remember the days of paying out for Stuffit Deluxe on the Mac. I did hit a roadblock recently with download archives from BackBlaze that wouldn’t open normally and an app called Betterzip saved the day when none of the free ones would work. Betterzip has a demo but I couldn’t see myself spending $25 for something like this unless it was an emergency.

Thanks for all. Will use the build-in option and see how much the compression will be

Compression isn’t high. If I compress 5.8mb of files, it compresses to about 4.4mb. Unless there is a specific reason why the zip file has to be very small, I think this level of compression is just fine. To me, the file size isn’t so important as a simple archive operation. Of course, if space is at a premium on your system or on your web server, then a third party application will offer you higher levels of compression.

I often compress rarely used folders of files or turn them into disk images simply to reduce the general sense of clutter on a computer.

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