Advice on SEO title please?

I have a question that is puzzling me. I’m working through the basic course and come up to entering the SEO Title. However, when I change that, i.e. from “Home” to “Codeless Design - Blocs Templates” that is showing up in my top navigation bar. Should that be happening?

here’s what I am seeing:

thanking you

The same point came up on the forum a few days ago. It’s an easy fix.

Your right. That did the trick. Thank you very much for that little bit of information.


Evidently you are not alone in hitting this issue and I’ve always found it strange that the SEO title changes the menu title when the source is set to primary, which is the default. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me why this would be useful and I wonder if that feature needs some rethinking.

In the meantime just set the source to none. It’s a much better way of working with a lot more control.

Sorry I’m late in replying. Time zones… And I shall do as you have said. Thank you