Blocs Beta Build 4


could you send me the file please to see if I can replicate the crash. Im just finishing off 2.5 build 5 so a fix may make it in.


Just sending via wetransfer…


Your file loads fine for me on my version of Blocs (build 5) maybe its already fixed in this versions. Im hoping to get it out before the end of the week.


Ok thanks… So I ´ll wait and give build 5 a try…


Sorry to bother you again… Now even on the iMac (where I created the project) the program is hanging …

don’t know what to do… might there be any sense in sending you the export-file, too?


Are you launching the app with a double file click?


Click via dock icon-then program opens up - then click on project - then crash/hanging
Same result with doiuble click on project file


Its really strange that you have 2 sidebars.

An this project opens fine in 2.4.5?


I wonder if its something to do with icloud, any way for you to try opening the project when you don’t have icloud access?


Opens fine in 2.4.5


Do you mean moving the whole blocs folder with images and export folder on a local drive?


drop me an email via and I’ll take it from there.


ok, thanks.