BLOCS dead?

I have been building with blocs for about three years and it’s been a great experience but it seems that the excitement is gone and is lagging way behind other builders. There hasn’t been a major update in almost 2 years! The blocs store has nothing new except a few templates. There have been few if any new features and still there is work to be done. Why is there no development happening? I know there is a lot of competition so you think we would be keeping pace but we are not. Why?

Nope, very much alive and kicking :sunglasses:

Blocs v3 got a new update on Wednesday.

And I’m currently prepping 3.5.3 for beta testing, starting next week.

The Blocs major updates come around every 2 years, V3 shipped around Black Friday 2018, so it’s not 2 years yet :wink:

I appreciate your interest.


I believe Blocs saw 150 new features last year alone. Blocs 2019 — Year in review. 2019 has been an incredible year for… | by Blocs | Blocs


Hi @cableguy30, The grass is always greener at the other side of the fence! :laughing:. Blocs is updating at least once a month with new features and bug fixes. The is rocking as never before! @Jannis has developed your requested CMS and @Eldar is the star of templates and tutorials. Isn’t it awesome that nearly all your requests on the Blocs V4 wishlist are already available in Blocs V.3. :sunglasses:@Norm is today with Blocs ahead of the game (my. personal opinion) and I’m sure he’ll not give away his trophy! :trophy: :trophy:


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Very nice reply Jerry, well said!


I think we all will be pleasantly surprised when @Norm shows off the upcoming Blocs 4 application.

I believe Blocs saw 150 new features last year alone

Thanks for setting the pace for us here at PulseCMS! :grimacing:

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I think the question answers the question here if it wasn’t dead there will be no question

I started to hate this app and the fact the developer is not active and it is a 1 man team is scary.

yesterday I lost all the progress made on blocsapp project as it show the project is saved but it didn’t

and all the new pages and modification were lost. I found around 20 updates just for save functionality fix. and many posts regarding this issue and most of those people seems to have left the blocs app.

What I feel is that they making some empty fixes to rush to version 4 and are unable to bring serious features & functionality. it is not a reliable application on which you can base serious work.

how can you fix same error 20 times and yet it doesn’t work?

Such a nightmare :worried:

@anon34927337 Never had any save file problems, whatsoever. I save my files always local (maybe it’s because of that). I can’t confirm your other issues with BLOCS/Developer.
Of course everyone wants more and more features, but what is available works very well for me. Like you said it’s a one man show. So, everything needs it’s time. :sunny:


I also save file locally. save project is not a me wanting more and more features this is a very serious requirement for any app.