Blocs with Mojave or High Sierra


Brilliant group. Perhaps the only time I’ve ever found Facebook useful.


The card works fine it seems but I’ve been having some glitchy behaviour lately and major problems following the security update last night that required an OS reinstall starting at 2.00am.

There is an error in disk utility that just won’t shift and cannot be fixed in recovery mode either. I found a guy on the Apple forums using a 2010 Mac Pro with the very same error on 10.13.6. For whatever reason it’s not a happy mix, so it looks like I need a clean install of Mojave to clear out any residue that might cause issues later.


Ah. Annoying. Clean instal it is then. Never a bad thing to do occasionally. Just very time consuming!


Perhaps it would be OK doing a straight upgrade, but I really wouldn’t be relaxed carrying all this junk over to Mojave, knowing there are existing problems with the current set up. It’s definitely been glitchy over the last few weeks and a few days ago it wouldn’t let me delete anything from the trash.

The card is definite improvement though. I can play 4K video smoothly and anything graphic related like Lightroom seems that bit faster well. The system is also running a couple degrees cooler. I’ve prepared a SSB stick for the clean install, which I presume will take a very long time over USB 2.

I just need to convince the client to give up this damn fool idea of using Go Daddy as the web hosts and use my cloud hosting instead, then sign off this project and clean house on the computer.


A couple days ago we ordered a cooling pad for my daughter’s MBP, which operates by blowing cool air directly into the bottom of the machine via small fans. It only cost about £12 and makes a huge difference in keeping the machine cool. When rendering from Maya the internal fans barely raise a murmur now, so it all feels much less stressed and as you know this is a fast machine.

She says the battery usage seemed to be roughly the same, but that might be because the pad was being run via USB from her laptop. We’ve now plugged that into a wall plug with a USB port, so it is powered separately and that should help. The fan itself is quiet, so in the scheme of things this feels like a real breakthrough, not least because it should help prolong the life of the laptop.

Blocs is running very nicely for me on the Mac Pro under Mojave, following the clean install.


Excellent. It’s worth all the hassle in the long run. Hopefully the machine will be good for a few more years. I’m not going to invest anymore money in mine - other than any essential maintenance. I did toy with upgrading the CPUs and adding more memory but I don’t think it’s worth it for the small percentage gains I’d get.