Button > lightbox

Hi, I am trying to open a photo gallery (Lightbox) by pressing a button. Does anyone know if it is possible and how to proceed ?

Thank you !!!


It is in French but you get the idea…

Hello this video from @Eldar should help you, getting startet.

Gallery types

Hi @webplus, thank you for your answer.
I know how to trigger a slide show (from a link or an image), but I wanted to start one from a button.
The only option I have found, is to create an image that’s looks like the button… But I was trying to find a better option.

Anyone has an idea ?

for some reason :wink: the Lightbox option is not included in the Interactions menu when it’s a button :disappointed_relieved:

The image button is the way to go if you don’t want to get involved with code. It’s quite easy to make image buttons in any graphics app - you could even create it as an SVG to keep it sharp regardless of size on the page. One thing to remember when using the image button option is to make sure you use the alternative image option when you set up the lightbox. Basically, set the alternative image to the first image you want displayed in the lightbox. If you don’t do this, the first image displayed will be the button graphic itself.