Custom class to enable / disable background between views

I have a full screen main block which has a background.
I want to remove that background when on mobile as parallax doesn’t work and it looks rubbish.

Any help on this please?



Dubpicate the bloc, disable it on tablet and mobile.
Remove / adjust the background image of new duplicated bloc, and disable it on desktop.

In other words, create two different blocs with and without parallax and adjust their visibility according to the type of device.

Let me know if it doesn’t make any sense to you.


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The issue is it’s the sticky menu I want to change the background on. I can’t create 2 of those can I?

It isn’t in the global zone.

I had an issue with the same thing. Viewing bg on desktop and tablets but not on mobile.

I found this thread Different background for desktop and mobile?

And it works. You can have a custom class. Just search for post from @Jakerlund