Email marketing for dedicated clients

Hi all,

I have had a client who refuses to use mailchimp or anything else for his email marketing and then it got me thinking, and sorry if this has been discussed before.

Is it possible to do a page, or half a page with buttons, images, text etc and save this as a html file and if a client asks me about something I can email them this and it all embed into an email and looks good and entices them to buttons/pages of a website, not tried it!..but just thought I would ask.

Would Blocs be able to do this?

Cheers all.

I think it might be possible but the problem in the past has always been what email client someone uses, and are they viewing it on Desktop or Mobile device(s).

I have a few clients that use MailChimp, it’s free and it formats itself for devices. I set it up for them and give them a choice. Either I show them how to use it or they decide that they would like me to handle the post. I have one client that I post weekly Estate Sales and two others a monthly electronic newsletter/meeting post. I also post them on social media at the same time using MailChimp. I charge an hourly fee and it’s been a nice little money maker.

I’d try harder to get them to accept that programs like MailChimp are what the industry is using. It also is a great tool for them, more exposure, social integration, and my non-profits use it for appeal letters and donations. Maybe show them some examples of how businesses use it?

Good luck!


Thanks @casey1823 ,

Yeah - I did mention it to them, but they had a huge problem with mailchimp - they are an agency who asked me, who is working on behalf of their client who no longer do email marketing but have put all their money into social media. A few years ago their mailchimp got hacked and they found it to be one of the guys in a rival company and they ended up going to court they had a hefty fine, but the fine was nothing compared to the damage the hacker sent to their clients - they said they sent it to 8,000 of their client base and they lost some contracts because of it.

But this for got me personally thinking about this one, for example if I wanted to just send out a page to a client, for example if someone asks about a band, I would love to send them a small page giving a brief of a band and buttons for them to get into the page easy and do it all via my own email.

Was Just a thought! - instead of sending clients PDFs and a link to a website.

Not really.

However you might be able to use this previously linked free editor tool that is based upon Bootstrap.

Since that previous post, I venture to guess (strongly believe) that Bootstrap Studio implemented that same library into their new Mail Studio app. Maybe Norm would one day consider the same if he felt there was a market for Blocs users.

You can try the “Bootstrap Email” libraries free online editor.

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If it’s just an alternative to Mailchimp then maybe try MadMimi. I’ve used this for many clients as it’s so easy for them to use. Unfortunately since it was taken over by GoDaddy it’s no longer free.

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They got compromised by a former employer, not hacked. So their ability to send out emails from their domain could be tough to do. Reputable services score your domain and if they had a serious breach it’s possible they aren’t allowed right now to use 3rd party systems with their domain. It’s a very serious offense when you spam people and get caught. Not only you, but the provider you use (in this case MailChimp) can actually be shut down entirely for having a customer that is spamming through their system.

But if they can use a service, they should.

Why, because they already do use a service for domain registrations and hosting. Not using one to send the marketing mail isn’t saving you much of anything. Don’t over-react. there’s a 3rd party behind every domain and hosting setup, and yes, every email sent. If you are using cpanel or plesk to host email you still have those credentials that can be compromised.

and like many of us, my spam folder is filled with reputable vendors that get marked as spam everyday. The road they are going down sounds like that’s where their emails could end up! Be careful!

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You could create a page in Blocs and upload it to a server (perhaps in a subfolder call mailing). You can then call up the page in safari and use the email this page option. If you keep the page fairly simple in layout it should format quite well in apple mail. For those who may receive the email but are unable to view it, there will be a link in the message that displays the page in a browser.

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Here is a very simple tool:

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Hi all,

Thanks for this - great information, it might not come to anything, was just an idea for future marketing for purely myself and its only sending 2 or 3 a week out.

Thanks @Jannis I used to use a LOT of doobox’s stacks back in the day and they were BRILLIANT! so will look into this.

Will look at the other options from @hendon52 @David @Blocs_User

@Whittfield , thanks for the message. It’s me who wants to send the emails out as pages, just a few a week to individuals.

Yeah pushing a lot of emails from a server is not good and would not recommend that at all.
I did think of using your brilliant Tab Anything to create something in the emails so the email is all on one page and the tab anything can select different things - so example if a client asks me about a live band, I send them a page - this has tabs on it: Band info (just a short intro and then asking them to click to go into the website for more) then another tab: Band Images - just 2 and more if they click the button etc…

I did not dive too much into it, but my friend told me the company in question have stopped doing the email marketing now - the company i mentioned are a pretty big concern and there big events they did email marketing via mailchimp to around 150,000 people on their system. They have 2FA and etc - but it was stopped pretty quick, as they were doing direct sends in groups and the first batch was around 8,000 this included some major celebrities and also the royal family’s personal emails. They have stopped now and do it all via social media and TV advertising which they pump millions into - but they also get a lot of free TV advertising due to the nature of what they do, so took huge advantage of that.

But this is a while away yet !..but it was just an idea as I see a lot of website builders are now pushing onto the email side of things to and wondered if Blocs could do this.

An easy way to do this (on a Mac) is using the share button
in (Apple-) mail you can choose to send it as link, webpage, PDF or reader.