General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, DSGVO) - google fonts and forms

I plan on copying the privacy policy from this web designer


Just fell off my chair laughing.

I’m glad Norm doesn’t have that attitude. Real mature…really.
Norm already has addressed the form…great attitude, great work…it speaks for itself.

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Hi Phil!
I use Google fonts in blocs as usual. But when the work is finished I use the webfonts helper (, store the font files on the server and include the font-css. The last step is to delete the lines on every hmtl page, that point to google ( …) after export.
It´s a little bit of work but it works fine.

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I’ve made pretty good progress with adding support for local web fonts within the Blocs design environment over the last few days. I just need to write all the export functionality and it should be ready to start testing (hopefully next week if possible).


Norm, you‘re great and unbelievable fast!


Very impressed of the speed you add features that the community requests :slight_smile:

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THX…but that would mean that I’ve to do this after every single update for all of my websites!

Think I’ll wait further for Norms little feature :innocent:

You will still need to source and install the desktop fonts into Blocs and then re-export your sites.

Desktop fonts? Wouldn’t it make more sense linking to web fonts on the server from inside Blocs?

When you purchase or download web fonts from places like font squirrel, you will now be able to install them in Blocs. When a project that uses web fonts is exported it will bundle the relevant local web fonts into the export.

Once uploaded to your server you will have a local copy of the fonts on your server.

I’m doing it this way because, it means Blocs can work offline and still have more fonts than Helvetica and because its easier for the user than managing your own server side fonts and loading them into Blocs, google is the best option for that.

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OK that’s an intriguing solution and I didn’t think that would be possible. I have a plugin for another app that allows for self-hosted fonts, but you link to them from inside the plugin and they then appear correctly when you preview the page, though this can incur cross origin issues in some cases within the app.

For those who are unfamiliar with web fonts, part of the difficulty is the different web font formats and serving the right version depending on the user’s browser.

Yeah Blocs will write the CSS to handle that, you just need to make sure you include the correct formats, .eot, .woff, .ttf and .svg these formats are usually included when you download from fonts squirrel etc.

It is a very neat solution to do it this way and a real advantage.

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Does this mean we are stuck though if we only have access to the web version of a particular font? Sometimes there are very nice fonts available for free or at low cost, but only in web formats.

All of Googles fonts are open source so you should be able to get web versions to install locally.

For recent browsers, you should only need woff and woff2.

Always remembers me of wuff wuff :dog2:



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I was thinking of web fonts from other sources.