Google Business Reviews -SOLVED


Yes, I did the Amy Turley site. Here’s a file you can use and see how I did the cards. Just drag the file on your Blocs dock icon and it will install it. (version 3) It will show up in the Bloc popup menu.

card.bex (433.9 KB)



Wow, that does it! Thanks so much, I would never have figured that out.

The only thing I can’t figure now is how to get the picture to full width like you did. I’ve tried 100% width, negative margins on row, column, card and so on, but nothing works…

Thanks again!


If the image is in the card header you have to set the padding to 0. The header has default padding.



Ah, got it, I was inserting the photo too low down, appreciated!


I have a unique card bric coming very soon.
It’s a lot of fun to create with. It is perfect for this sort of thing with great features baked in. It’s ready now, but needs documentation.
Stay tuned!


Looking forward to it!


@Whittfield I forgot to say I think there must be a market for webpages / websites which are not linear i.e. only ‘selling’ one product or story.

I’ve got a dozen stories of equal importance, and have not found a ‘tidy’ Blocs means of doing it.

Squarespace’s “Avenue” and “Jasper” come close, as does my friend’s


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