Help for displaying website examples on a website?

Hey @Flashman, i actually heard from a guy today who has around 30 websites on Elementor and the new update to fix the last 5 updates! he has updated and they are totally breaking his websites, he has dialled back into an older version of Elementor but now some of the plugins which were updated to work on the new Elementor will not work and he is unable to take them back, so he is having to get new plugins to fix the plugins that won’t work till Elementor fix the latest problems and then bring the original plugins back!

Twitter and forums are going crazy with everyone having issues again. They brought out a huge update a couple of weeks back and a few updates to fix the bugs on those since and its not been a good time for them. So thats made me make my mind up with that one !!! Good job I only have the free one and using it for my landing page for now, while using Blocs to make my new actual site.

Yes we sometimes hear complaints about bugs in Blocs but they are small beer compared to what some of the others are experiencing. When I spoke to that photographer yesterday he told me he has 29 plugins and it’s basically plugins to fix plugins with ever more bloat and complication.

My frustration at times with clients comes when they think WP is the answer to everything and that it’s simple. That’s just not the case.


yeah - its crazy, i really only ever looked at the greatness of the builders and not the issues and the current issues are huge. One guy I was reading has a 340 something page website and the whole design has thrown out and his team have all had to jump on it. He has said he has got back ups, but the back ups are conflicting on the new wordpress, elementor and over 40 various plugins and a 3rd party plugin for the blogging system as its a news related website in USA from what i was reading this morning and they get news from other tabloids point to him and its just crashed it all!

I am no expert in wp so would not have a clue if this is backed up how it all works…but this must be a huge stress on him to get this sorted.

But looking on how they are doing it - guess WP is the best solution for them though as its a hugely dynamic site. But shows how fragile it is.

Didnt Elementor have a massive new update? I am surprised sites like that are deploying big updates without test servers first.

Yeah - thats the new update which has thrown literally thousands of websites out, they tried to improve the header & footer builder and several other things and its all conflicted. Even though many had back ups, they are taking it back to the older Elementor and it’s thrown those out too.

I think they have had a few updates on those and the last one has made things worse !!!

A few people have said they are moving to Divi instead as they have done an email campaign or something saying - " Ours isn’t broken…so we haven’t tried to fix it " which I have not found as yet - but lots of left.

I only have the free one as was playing around with it as I had someone who wanted to do lots with me on Elementor, but even they have stopped using it now.

Is it possible to also use Volt CMS in this way?

I can’t get it working.

What do you mean exactly?

I mean that the new website is in a separate folder and the index.html with the Volt core bric is too. Does that work? Hope I clear enough

I just send you a direct message to clarify further, because it seems this does not fit to the original question.