Moving from Blocs 2 to Blocs 3


I can’t say that I’m an advanced web developer but as being in the IT industry for over 30 years now and as a technology consultant with an decent understanding of transitions like that, what you say makes much sense to me. The key point you mentioned is the TEAM. If there were another 10 people, then why not trying? But there is a risk of loosing stability and spending all your time fixing instead of further pushing the product to new heights.


I’m not resistant, a migration tool would be fantastic, I just don’t want to see it hold up release of a BS4 version of Blocs.


… or cause long-term problems for blocsapp 3.


Going from Bootstrap3 to Bootstrap4 is a straight forward progress. It’s a bit like being familiar with a well equipped playground and moving to a far better equipped playground which has all the old favourite stuff, but with all the great new stuff too.

Nothing has changed in Bootstrap4 that requires a different thinking and you could continue to build an exact same Bootstrap3 site in Bootstrap4. I have done this a few times and there is nothing to fear. On the other hand, moving from Foundation 5 to Bootstrap 3 or 4, does have issues that need to be taken care of such as different mobile and tablet breakpoints. However, this is not the case with Bootstrap 3 & 4.

I have confidence in Norm to make the transition between Blocs 2 and Blocs 3 both seamless and nothing to be concerned about. I am really looking forward to Blocs 3 because once you start using Bootstrap 4 features it is difficult to go back to Bootstrap 3.


Although some of the breakpoints are the same number, bootstrap 4 added an additional breakpoint (two more than Blocs use) and changed the names. Right now an extra small in bloc’s is @768px. With bootstrap 4 it would be @576px and the medium breakpoint would be @768px.

Bootstrap 3 breakpoints:

<768px extra small(phone)
≥768px small(tablet)
≥992px medium (desktop)
≥1200px large (large desktop)

Bootstrap 4 breakpoints:

< 576px Extra small 
≥576px Small
≥768px Medium
≥992px large
≥1200px Extra large


It wont. Im about 80% complete on the transition from BS3 to BS4, Im hoping to have that segment of my work schedule complete next week.

Bootstrap 4 actually brings a lot of built in utility styling I originally had to write extra for Bloc sites, so a lot of my work in the migration consists of trimming away which is always good news.


Indeed, agreed.


@Norm we’re really grateful for the enormity of hours you’re pouring into bringing in the BLOCs 3! Because we are not a fly on the wall, we really have no idea the challenges or successes, but we’re all anticipating you sharing and releasing BLOCs 3! :grinning:


It’ll be Blocs version 3 and it’s a big step forward.


Big Typo on my end. :neutral_face:


Of course Blocs 4 will also be great but that’s a few years off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Norm, when will the Blocs 3 beta be released?


I’m with Blocs 2 but how can I download the V3 ?
Knowing that the last version after automatique update is 2.6.5 …




I believe you can download it from the home page for Blocs.

It’s possible to upgrade under the licence settings for Blocs 2.