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Actually @alanwho I realised its on my YouTube channel. Blocs 3 - Centre Menu Logo with Flex - YouTube

This is much easier to make in Blocs 4. As you can do everything in the class editor now.

Hey, Why when doing this on blocs 4 doesn’t work for me? What Im missing?

To center the navigation using flex, you’d need to set the width to use 100% of the parent element, which is the full width nav container

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Set the width to 100%

EDIT: Whoops sorry to repeat what @pumpkin said, for some reason I didn’t see your post? … Oh you were editing it :grin:

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Yeah. I was being dumb and didn’t read the thread title before I posted :wink:

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thank you so much guys, it works :smiley:
Question: How can you float the menu items to the left and right border?

Watch the flex video. Also change the flex justify setting, and set some width for the menu items.

Hint: By setting a width for the menu items, they space evenly. You can use % for this.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

How do you mean what happened to the video?. The old one is still on YouTube.

Of course it’s dated. Blocs 4 makes it easy.